3DaysIn Frequently Asked Questions

What is 3DaysIn ?

A searchable recommendation library for places around the world used for travel planning, delivered in bite sized 3 day itinerary chunks.

Travellers can mix and match, take ideas for a future trip or for just spending a long weekend somewhere. Suggested itineraries are provided by locals or travellers that have visited the place and are part of the Lyfshort user community.

Can I contribute ?

Yes, share independent advice with the world on how to spend 3 Days in your home town or a place you have visited.

Your itinerary recommendations could even be selected and made into a short video blog, shared on social media and credited to you.

How do I contribute ?

Create a profile in Lyfshorts free planning utility (Web or Native iOS or Android App), design your recommended 3 day itinerary in the required format (see Submission Requirements) then submit using the "3 Days In" button on the itinerary screen.

If you are a seasoned traveller with a wealth of knowledge, you are welcome to share many itineraries with the community, also increasing your chance to win prizes.

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3DaysIn Submission Requirements

3DaysIn itinerary submissions must be in the correct "Submission Format" (as below) containing a minimum amount of information to be accepted. They then pass through an evaluation and approval process before being included in the publicly searchable library.

Approval for public posting is at Lyfshort's complete discretion. This will depend on a number of factors including but not limited to :
content quality, logistical viability when travelling, public interest, originality and location.

Submissions with content containing obvious commercial promotion or advertising for a specific business purposes will not be displayed.

Travellers come in many shapes and sizes representing different demographics, cultures and tastes. For this reason Lyfshort encourage multiple submissions for the same or similar geographic locations that may already exist in the public library. Providing the submission has enough originality and it appeals to a segment of traveller, it can be displayed.

3DaysIn Submission Format

An itinerary is created using 2 components, a MAIN ACTIVITY (Parent) and an associated set of SUB ACTIVITIES (Children). The submission should contain 1 Main Activity and 3 Sub Activities (Representing the 3 days of "3DaysIn"). Submissions with more or less than 3 Sub Activities will not be accepted. Each component must have the minimum information detailed below. Currently submissions should be in English (multilingual support on the future roadmap).


1. Include a Feature Image
Your original uploaded image or one selected from the Lyfshort in App library.

2. Include a Main Activity name
This should clearly represent the overall place people will be searching for.  Usually [Suburb OR City OR Town], [Country].
Example :
[Main Activity] "Melbourne, Australia"

3. Include Main Activity location
As a base or starting point for the 3 days (EG. Main station, town or city centre etc. can be used). A minimum of 3 details need to be supplied : Town/City/Suburb, (State if applicable), postcode and Country. Suggest using the in App map search to automatically populate this information for your location.
Example :
[Location] "Melbourne, Victoria, 3000, Australia"

4. Optional Description
This is not required at the Main Activity level however if provided, it should only be a brief commentary on the overall 3 day experience and should not go into specific details about any of the individual Sub Activities.
[Description] "Melbourne is an amazing, vibrant, multi-cultural city, I grew up here. If I were visiting for 3 days here's what I would recommend doing ..."

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5. Include Sub Activity name
Enter your activity name(s) here for each of the 3 Sub Activities under the Main Activity record.
Example :
[Sub Activity 1] "Day 1 - Healesville Wildlife Sanctuary"
[Sub Activity 2] "Day 2 - Eureka Tower Skydeck"
[Sub Activity 3] "Day 3 - Royal Botanical Gardens"

6. Include Sub Activity location details
Selection on in App mapping preferred to ensure correct address format and valid location
Example :
[Location] "Healesville Sanctuary, Glen Eadie Avenue, Healesville VIC 3777, Australia"

7. Include Sub Activity description
This is where you have the opportunity to paint a compelling picture and provide reasons why the person reading the itinerary should visit this place. Share colour, experiences and advice but in a succinct enough format for the reader to digest quickly. The description has a minimum character limit of 100 characters and a maximum of 500 so use efficient language to get your message across.
Example :
For those of you visiting Australia looking to get a glimpse or even interact with many of the beautiful local wildlife species such as koalas and kangaroos ... this is the place to do it. Situated about a 90 min drive from the CBD and in the heart of the Yarra Valley wine country on over 78 acres, it is a great destination for a day trip. I really loved the birds of prey exhibition which included a wide range of eagles, hawks and other assorted native birds swooping just metres away from the crowd in a large outdoor amphitheatre, amazing!

8. Repeat steps 5, 6 and 7 for the 2 remaining Sub Activities

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